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08/30 - Letters Layfield

Slugline Letter Layfield
Date August 30, 2007
Section(s) Letters
Brunswick News

We are Georgia residents, Georgia taxpayers, and Georgia vacationers. Jekyll has always been a favorite; it is not another overcrowded, over priced, traffic-congested resort catering to anyone other than families and average Georgia residents. Unfortunately, as an average retired family with a limited income, we are unable to attend the meeting scheduled for August 30th. Therefore, we would like (as absentees) to express our concerns with the Jekyll Island Authority's (JIA) decision to give sweetheart deals to a company that would ordinarily pay for the privilege to develop a "resort" appears to run counter to any effort to make the island available to "the common" people. I am sure there are many reputable companies that would be delighted to offer alternative plans and perhaps even "sweetheart" deals to the state for the honor of developing (conservatively) on Jekyll Island. There must be eco friendly companies with the land, sea life, etc. that would be willing to work with the state. Has any of this been explored? If so, shouldn't this be advertised for comparison prices, and development, if nothing else?

Alva F. and Donna H. Layfield
Byron, GA

Slugline Letter McVeigh
Date August 30, 2007
Section(s) Letters

Take your time Jeff! It's not like the Jekyll Island Authority went out of its way to answer your concerns in a prompt, forthcoming, fashion. Let them sweat awhile! We 'average' folk have sure done our share of sweating lately. Guess they needed time to figure out how best to stall you and your supporters, who obviously are too ignorant to know what's best for OUR island! I personally want to thank you, Senator Chapman, for all you've done for the people of Georgia and this great nation to try to save what's left of our incredibly beautiful, peaceful, restful, windswept, wildlife-filled, wonderland. As a Brunswick native now living in Kentucky, I treasure every second I get to spend on Jekyll when I return home to visit family. Others have said it more eloquently, and with more passion, insight and vision, but we all share the same goal - to spare our beloved Jekyll Island from the unflattering, unrelenting, and unrepentent greed of those who can't see the beach for the sea oats. Fight on, Jeff! Your valiant effort has my utmost admiration and respect. Thank you. submit: Submit print_config: Name,email

Nyle Anthony McVeigh
Frankfort, Kentucky

Slugline Jekyll Island
Date August 30, 2007
Section(s) Letters

To whom it may concern,I am a 28 year old housewife with 3 children. Just this past weekend my husband and I spent our 10th anniversary at Jekyll Island here in Ga. We have been going to Jekyll since 1998 and I absolutely love it. I am from southern California so I love the beach but no place compares to Jekyll Island. I am writing because I was wondering if you could place an article in your paper about what's going on down there. Right now, the Jekyll Island Authority want to renovate the island and make it a place for the elite on the beach side of the property. Average income families can stay on the inside of the island away from the beach. Not only do they want to add luxury hotels but also condominiums along the beach where there is nothing at the time. My fear is that this will bring further development of the island. Right now, only 65% of the island can be developed at this time but, people are greedy and money talks. If you start redevelopment now, who knows where that will lead. My concern is also for the wildlife of this island. There is such an abundance of it, where will all the critters go? Where will the sea turtles lay their eggs? I would love to be able to bring my grandchildren to the island just how it is right now. I don't want to see 6 story high buildings or condos lining the beach. It is beautiful and undeveloped and it needs to stay that way. Its a state park, how can a state park be designed for upper-class only? I don't understand. I understand that hotels have to be remodeled but why should only the upper-class get to enjoy the beautiful beach view from a hotel room? Don't they have enough places to visit? Please help me out and put an article in your paper about what's going on. I am only a visitor to the island but I would have never known about what's going on right now if I hadn't visited this past weekend so how is anyone else in GA going to know? You can speak to David Eagan he is the co director of the IPJI(initiative to protect Jekyll island) his number is 912-635-2167 you can visit their website at Please help me out here, I am only one voice who has a concern for a place that I love but with your help, I can reach many other voices who love it as much as I do.

Heather O'Brien

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