Thursday, September 20, 2007

09/12 - Porter's leadership will prove valuable to Jekyll

The Brunswick News
Date September 12, 2007
Section(s) Letters

The state of Georgia has challenged the Jekyll Island Authority to re-energize Jekyll Island. To do so requires renovation, new development and the raising of revenue.

Ben G. Porter was also appointed chair of the authority. He seems to be the recipient of most of the criticism of the plans put forth by JIA.

Based on 30 years of knowing Porter, competing against him, working for him and working with him, it is my belief that he has one of the top business minds in the state.

Furthermore, from personal experience, I will state emphatically that his ethics are first-class.

I would suggest that re-energizing Jekyll Island is in good hands. You might question the details but not Porter's business acumen or his ethics.

In the end, it is my firm belief that all Georgians will be pleased with the accomplishments of JIA under Porter's most capable leadership.

Fred Newton

St. Simons Island

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