Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11/07 - Senator wants Jekyll inquiry

Date November 07, 2007
Section(s) Local News
The Brunswick News

State Sen. Tommie Williams, R-Lyons, says it is unlikely that the Jekyll Island Legislative Oversight Committee will ask the state Attorney General to look into recent actions by the board of the Jekyll Island Authority.

State Sen. Jeff Chapman, R-Brunswick, whose five-county district includes Jekyll Island, had asked for the probe.

In a letter Monday to the committee, Chapman asked that it recommend that Attorney General Thurbert Baker render several legal opinions concerning proposed developments on Jekyll Island, including the $10 million in rent abatement granted Trammell Crow Co. by the board of the Jekyll Island Authority.

Trammell Crow is proposing a $90 million development on Jekyll Island.

Williams, who is co-chair of the oversight committee, said he is taking Chapman's letter seriously. "I am having his request looked at by attorneys that have experience in state property negotiations to see if there is any legitimacy to his concerns."

But, Williams added, "at first blush, I don't see a problem with what has been done."

Williams and other members of the oversight committee met with the authority in August on Jekyll Island and left the meeting satisfied that everything was on the up and up.

Chapman feels that Trammell Crow's proposed $90 million development, part of a $350 million redevelopment project proposed by Linger Longer Communities that includes new hotels, condominiums and a convention center, will make the state park unaffordable to average Georgians. He asked that the committee seek an official opinion from Baker on whether that would be in violation of state law.

Williams said he doesn't agree with Chapman's assessment.

"You already have affordable properties there, and the board has said it plans to have affordable properties," Williams said.


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