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11/09 - Brunswick News - Section(s) Letters

Date November 09, 2007
The Brunswick News

Jekyll redevelopment stands to ruin the island

I am a resident of Michigan who has had the opportunity and privilege to visit Jekyll Island many times since 1975.

I have also recommended Jekyll Island State Park as a vacation destination to scores and scores of families, and scores of them have vacationed there. If the current plan for redevelopment of the island goes through it will ruin the island for many of us. It will also make it unaffordable for many. For those reasons, I feel very strongly about Jekyll Island and maintaining it as an affordable vacation spot.

Nellie Buckhout
Three Rivers, Mich.

Isn't this the rationale for public parks?

It seems the Jekyll Island State Park Authority is moving to limit near-beach parking for local families of Brunswick and nearby communities. As I understand it, after development, near beach parking will be limited to street-sides and a hotel parking lot.

As citizens of Georgia and communities near Jekyll, let's think about this. Jekyll Island is a part of the Georgia Park System. Shouldn't that mean first consideration be given to Georgian families regardless of wealth and income, especially to local area families? Isn't this the main idea behind having public parks? Georgia State Parks has posted a promotion of National Family Week. A quote, "National Family Week firmly believes that strong families are at the center of strong communities. Your state parks and historic sites are great places to spend some family time."

With high-end development planned, I wonder how much this philosophy of family time for Georgians is truly being considered. Studies have shown that once development starts, more is sure to follow.

The 2007 Georgia Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) featured a survey of Georgians. It indicated we are interested in parks not only to have fun, but also to be with family and friends and enjoy nature. The Georgia SCORP encourages retention of greenspace and public access for diverse constituencies. As high-end development of Jekyll proceeds, credible studies suggest there will be more restrictions on public access. That means Brunswick and surrounding counties' families will see their access to Jekyll Island State Park beaches eroded.

Ken Cordell

Lucky to have Sen. Jeff Chapman on deck

I wanted to thank The Brunswick News for keeping its readers informed about the developing story of what is happening to Jekyll Island.

Sen. Jeff Chapman's honorable pursuit of justice serves as a beacon in the night that will hopefully help us find our way through this nightmare that has caused many sleepless nights for the people who truly love Jekyll Island and want to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. Thanks again for your service to the community and the citizens of Georgia.

Susan Evans
Ocilla, Ga.

You should be proud to have Sen. Chapman

Thank you for your consistent reporting on proposed Jekyll Island development.You surely must be proud that Sen. Chapman represents your area. He seems to be doing his best to represent not only all his constituents, but also the ordinary people of Georgia. The Jekyll Island Authority just doesn't seem to understand its mandate. Jekyll Island has one of the most beautiful beaches there is, and it plans to destroy it by building on the beachfront. Right now, with the public parking there, the expanse of beach and ocean is not only a treasure of the state of Georgia, but also a national treasure.

As an out-of-state visitor, I certainly would be happy to pay more in fees to access the island if this would help save it. If not, I will plan to go to less-developed areas in South Carolina.

Karen Brown
Kalamazoo, Mich.

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