Sunday, December 16, 2007

12/07 - Jekyll needs more input

Date December 07, 2007
Section(s) Letters

Having followed the Jekyll Island development controversy for the last few months, I had the occasion to read letters lauding Senator Jeff Chapman for his efforts on behalf of the citizens of Georgia concerning this issue. Whether I agree or disagree with his stance on the Jekyll controversy is not at issue here. I feel that Mr. Chapman has, in fact, failed to represent us adequately.

First, Mr. Chapman is not a participant on the oversight committee, stating that because he would be involved as our local representative it would be a waste of a seat on the committee were he to occupy one. However, the work of this committee is crucial to developing a solution that Georgians can live with. I feel that if anyone should have insisted on sitting on the oversight committee, it should have been Mr. Chapman. And I suspect a contributing factor to his not being named to the committee is his historical inability to work with his peers in state government to resolve issues.

Second, Mr. Chapman has been outspoken about the Jekyll Island issue since the oversight committee convened, but his attention to the issue has taken the form of finger-pointing. Mr. Chapman has taken great efforts to voice his dissension both publicly and in the media, but I see little evidence that he is willing to roll up his sleeves and contribute to the effort of bringing resolution to the issue.

Senator Chapman has failed us on this issue because he has failed to do the work of government. I feel we should be much better served in the State Senate by someone who is willing and able to take action on important issues rather than using the media to communicate with his peers and to make his constituents think he is involved.

Terry Carter


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