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01/23 - Commentary

Date: January 23, 2008
Section(s): Commentary
The Brunswick News

Jekyll development plan still needs some work

I have read the editorial in the Jan. 11 edition and the accompanying article by Jim Langford concerning the proposed development of Jekyll Island.

There has been a lot of rhetoric on this project since its inception.

I am enclosing a copy of the aerial photo from the project documents that shows the area of great concern - the Town Center site.

The reason this is the area of great concern is a fairly wide beach area and the only accessible, useful area for public access.

The area to the north of this site has practically no beach at high tide.

The area to the south of this area is usurped by the series of four hotels or hotel sites.

Some of these are now under development. The area to the south of the hotel area is a dune area with practically no parking.

You have to give Senator Chapman credit for shepherding a bill through the legislature to save a soccer field and 4-H center south of the dune area from development.

This takes us back to the desirable beach area - the 4,000 feet of the so-called 9 miles of Jekyll beaches.

Some folks seem to be against any development - that ain't gonna happen.

The new hotels will be built. A new convention center and a new attached convention hotel will be built.

While they didn't ask me, it seems like a very reasonable location.

The village center will be built somewhere close to the convention center.

Whether it is on the beach or back off the beach probably should still be open for discussion.

The big item that seems to be problematic is the usurping of the public parking.

I have seen the statistics of 1-minute, 2-minute and 3-minute parking for beach access. In my opinion, ready access to the beach means 1 1/2 minutes to the beach.

I have seen many a large project outlined for construction. I have yet to see one come out with an opening plan that doesn't get worked over until it is even a better plan. This plan still needs some work.

Ross Miller
Jekyll Island

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