Monday, February 25, 2008

02/10 -Jekyll Island: Responses to "A more constructive approach to the Jekyll Island issue," @issue, Feb. 5 > Opinion
By Martin McConaughy, Joan Lardin
For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 02/10/08

Get parties together so they can talk

Art Hurt is right on the mark with his opinion column on listening to public input. We need to sit down at the table to discuss things and not rely on meetings, hearings and forums, where so much furor can divide rather than bring together. Striving to meet the needs of all parties concerned with the Jekyll Island situation would be a great place to start.


Keep the island a serene haven

The Jekyll Island Authority has gone ahead in juggernaut style with its plans to build a giant resort complex at Jekyll Island State Park. The outcry against this project has been tremendous, but mostly ignored or scorned as the ravings of people who don't realize what a fantastic "economic engine" such a development would be. And the Authority has strongly hinted to competing developers that the Linger Longer resort project is only the beginning of potential new construction on Jekyll Island.

Any honest sampling of public opinion would demonstrate that most Georgians do not want Jekyll Island to become an "economic engine" or a resort/shopping destination. They want it to remain the beautiful, natural, serene and laid-back state park and accessible beach haven for ordinary people that it has always been.


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