Monday, February 25, 2008

02/22 - County approves Jekyll resolution

Date: February 22, 2008
Section(s): Local News

The Glynn County Commission has confirmed its support for the redevelopment of Jekyll Island and given the residents of the Nottinghill Subdivision an opportunity to work out their differences with Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

The commission approved a resolution supporting the Jekyll Island Authority's efforts to make the island self supporting during its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday.

The meeting was held at the Historic Glynn County Courthouse, 701 G St, Brunswick.

Who was there: County commissioners Cap Fendig, Howard Lynn, Uli Keller, Tony Thaw, Jerome Clark and Carl Johnson. Commission chairman Don Hogan was also present.

What happened: The commission deferred a request from Lamar Advertising Company to raise the height of an existing sign along Interstate-95 from 25 feet to 70 feet because it is being covered from view by a noise retention wall being constructed by the Department of Transportation.

The current sign is directly behind, and is visible from, the Nottinghill Subdivision. Representatives from the subdivision's homeowner's association attended the meeting protesting the request.

Instead of acting on the request, the commission deferred taking action for 30 days to allow the residents and advertising company an opportunity to reach a compromise independently.

The commission also:

* Approved rezoning properties at 5102 and 4972 Highway 99 from forest agriculture to planned development.

Thoughts on the Lamar Advertising sign: "I understand that there is opposition from the residents of Nottinghill. I understand they fought hard for the retention wall and want to protect their property value, but I'm here because we want to protect the value of Lamar's property also."

- Linda Storey, general manager of Lamar Outdoor Advertising

- Report by Brandee A. Thomas

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