Monday, February 25, 2008

02/24 - Jekyll questions call for careful answers

For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 02/24/08

In his column "Jekyll Authority sensitive to public input" (@issue, Feb. 14), Eric Garvey states that "A small number of vocal critics have raised questions" about the authority's efforts and its mission.

Let's define some terms here. "A small number of vocal critics" shall be defined as 6,000 responses to surveys posted online by the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island. Ninety-five percent define revitalization of the island as rebuilding or refurbishing existing hotels, the convention center and retail district, and expanding family dining opportunities.

"Sensitive to public input" should be defined as listening to diverse public opinions, making plans based on input, and being willing to slow down, ask questions and alter your agenda if thousands are passionately opposed to it.

Ingram is metro Atlanta coordinator, Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island.

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