Friday, February 29, 2008

02/27 -Jekyll proposal is flawed

Date: February 27, 2008
Section(s): Letters

The vast majority of those who have problems with the LLC Village Concept attended a public meeting presentation by Jim Langford, reviewed the scale model on display at Villa Ospo, scrutinized the printed copies of the LLC proposal and participated in discussions and debates held by the Citizens Association.

Not only have we "eyeballed" the plan, we have studied it in minute detail.

I believe you will find, if you take the time to ask us, that we are more knowledgeable than the city commission (except for Cornell Harvey), the county commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce and your editorial staff.

Yes it is true that the Village will only take up a fraction of the park, however that "fraction" is located on the prime beach area that is available at high tide and combined with existing and other planned development will take up over a mile and a half of beach front, a fact not noted in your editorial.

I sincerely invite you and the other LLC supporters to come to Jekyll and let us discuss the facts with you face to face.

Frank Mirasola
Jekyll Island Citizens Association

Opponents not against improvement of Jekyll

I must admit, I resented your editorial of Feb. 22 about Jekyll Island opponents. Most opponents that I have spoken to agree that Jekyll is in need of redevelopment and improvement; however, they simply disagree with how Linger Longer is planning to do this.

Before you accuse opponents of Linger Longer's plan of not knowing the facts, you learn the facts about the opponents of Linger Longer Communities proposal.

We are not anti-improvement; we want to see the island kept affordable for average Georgians who cannot afford a hotel room of $250 a night or a million dollar condo. We are the voice of the "average" Georgian.

Laura Powers

Rep. Kingston not friend to environmental causes

The League of Conservation Voters published their congressional rankings today.

Jack Kingston, Georgia's 1st district representative had a perfect score: 0%. Yes, you read right, zero percent.

What this means is that he did not vote for the environment or conservation on a single bill. What does this mean to you or me?

Judge for yourself. He: Voted against funding clean water programs. Voted against protecting consumers from fuel price gouging. Voted against increasing energy efficiency requirements on products, buildings and vehicles. Voted against funding clean air programs. Voted against investing in alternative energy sources and reducing our dependence on coal and foreign oil. Voted against repealing subsidies to big oil.

Representative Kingston is voting against more than just the environment: He's voting against you and me. With oil companies recording record profits, he continues providing them with subsidies while we pay at the pump. He won't fund clean air or water, necessities for us and future generations.

Neglecting to raise energy efficiency standards or fund alternative energy research hits you and I in the pocketbook and continues to keep us chained to the middle east for oil, and the fossil fuel burners for electric.

This year we have an opportunity to replace Mr. Kingston in Washington. It's about time that Georgia's 1st district had a representative who truly represented their constituents, not special interests and corporations. Remember, our government is by the people and for the people. Representative Kingston has not fulfilled this ethic.

Peter Krull

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