Wednesday, March 26, 2008

03/06 - Jekyll Island falls victim to GOP and its corporate cohorts > Opinion
By Dennis Rice
For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/06/08

In spite of tremendous public opposition, the Republican members of the Jekyll Island Authority have voted to whittle away a portion of Jekyll Island with unnecessary and unwanted condominiums and other developments along the beachfront. This giveaway is all about Republican politics solely for the benefit of Linger Longer Corp.

Regardless of their efforts to change the public's mind, I have not heard anyone, other than the corporation and its supporting Republican politicians, who is in favor of the developments proposed by Linger Longer. No doubt, this is politics as usual. What's good for the natural environment of Jekyll Island and those who enjoy its naturalness doesn't count for a thing in the eyes of those who only see money. Shame is not a word they know.


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