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03/28 - All need access to Jekyll

Date: March 28, 2008
Section(s): Letters
The Brunswick News

We have subscribed to your paper for the last three years since moving here permanently from Atlanta.

We have been visiting Jekyll Island for over 35 years.

Your editorial published Monday, "Sneaky tactic affects Jekyll Island's future," has finally pushed me over the edge.

I have tried to rationalize your reasons for endorsing Linger Longer, and it has now become obvious.

The Brunswick News advertising revenue would increase greatly with having Linger Longer as well as having the hotels, condo rentals, sales, new retail establishments, etc. as prominent advertisers.

If you will look closely at the Linger Longer development plan, you will see that access to the primary beach areas will be monopolized by those staying in the hotels and the condos, and that readily available parking does not exist adjacent to the beach anywhere.

As a result, day visitors or those staying off the beach will have some serious hiking to the water's edge.

Jekyll is our state park and accessible to all.

Martha Lang

Preserve Jekyll Island as a natural resource

Sometimes, government decisions take on a symbolic value and make a statement about public priorities and values.

Certainly, that is the case with decisions involving Jekyll Island State Park.

The absolute top priority should be to preserve this extraordinary natural resource.

If we give any other goal a higher priority, it says something less than flattering about us as a state.

Your editorial (March 25) promotes killing the goose that laid the golden egg - again!

Celia Gruss
Sea Island

Developers destroying natural beauty of state

Today's (March 25) editorial was totally off base.

The sneaky ones are not the citizens hoping to protect their public beaches on Jekyll Island, but the "poor" developers who continue to destroy the natural beauty of the state of Georgia, be it marshland or river front.

Jane Fulcher
Sea Island

Thousands of Georgians are against development

In response to your editorial decrying Rep. Buckner's amendment to the House bill to extend Coastal Zone Management, I'd like to point out that thousands of Georgians have been polled about this proposed development and have overwhelmingly expressed a negative attitude towards it.

Most Georgians support the revitalization of Jekyll Island.

Indeed, the upgrading of Days Inn, the complete makeover of the Jekyll Estates Inn into the Beachview Club, the upgrading of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and Crane Cottage, the tearing down of the Holiday Inn and Buccaneer in preparation of new resort facilities with many new condos are all actions which were needed and applauded.

Rep. Buckner did not oppose these projects, nor for that matter did the "average Georgian."

The majority of those polled were very much opposed to development along the beach area, which would be occupied by Linger Longer proposed project.

They would like to see this part of the pristine beach remain pristine and not blocked off by hundreds of condos/vacation homes and three new hotels.

This is not a "pretense" - it's real.

Those people occupying the condos and hotels would hog this portion of the beach, a "scarce resource" in terms of available beach at high tide.

Preserving this beach is not "micromanagement," it's good ecological sense.

Howard Sculthorpe
Jekyll Island

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